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the epidemiology of bat rabies in new york state, 1993 new york and texas each reported a human rabies case traced to a rare variant of rabies virus found in an uncommon species of bat. this study examined the epidemiology of bat rabies in new york state. demographic, species, and animal-contact information for bats submitted for rabies testing from 1988-92 was analysed. the prevalence of rabies in 6810 bats was 4.6%. nearly 90% of the 308 rabid bats identified to species were the common big brown bat (eptesicus fuscus), which comprised 62% ...19947995360
bat ectoparasites from the trans-pecos region of texas, including notes from big bend national park.ectoparasites of 13 species of molossid, mormoopid, and vespertilionid bats from the trans-pecos region of texas were studied, as follows: antrozous pallidus (leconte), corynorhinus townsendii (cooper), eptesicus fuscus (palisot de beauvois), lasiurus cinereus (palisot de beauvois), mormoops megalophylla (peters), myotis thysanodes g. s. miller, myotis velifer (j. a. allen), myotis volans (h. allen), myotis yumanensis (h. allen), nyctinomops femorosaccus (merriam), nyctinomops macrotis (gray), p ...200111372965
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