potential citric acid exposure and toxicity to hawaiian hoary bats (lasiurus cinereus semotus) associated with eleutherodactylus frog control.we examined potential exposure of hawaiian hoary bats (lasiurus cinereus semotus) to citric acid, a minimum risk pesticide registered for control of invasive eleutherodactylus frog populations. hoary bats are nocturnal insectivores that roost solitarily in foliage, federally listed as endangered, and are endemic to hawaii. oral ingestion during grooming of contaminated fur appears to be the principal route by which these bats might be exposed to citric acid. we made assessments of oral toxicity, ...201424526591
rabid bat diagnosed in hawaii.since 1966, the hawaii state government has been conducting fluorescent rabies antibody (fra) testing on animal brains as part of a statewide rabies-surveillance program. on april 3, 1991, the department of health (doh) laboratory diagnosed the first case of rabies detected in the state. a large brown bat, eptesicus fuscus fuscus, captured in a transport container that had just been off-loaded from a ship at honolulu harbor, was caught. it's brain was examined and showed typical fluorescent stai ...19921517074
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