mosquito landing rates on nesting american robins (turdus migratorius).we measured mosquito landing rates on adult and nestling american robins at nests with infrared cameras in washington, d.c., and maryland, united states. mosquitoes landed on nesting robins almost exclusively between dusk and dawn. the mean number of mosquito landings per night was higher for adults (123.3 +/- se 32.8) than nestlings (37.26 +/- 14.8). the fraction of mosquitoes landing at a nest on nestlings increased with decreases in adult brooding. oral swabs from nestlings at these and 13 ot ...200717767414
the presence and impact of environmental lead in passerine birds along an urban to rural land use gradient.contamination of wetlands by lead shot and lead fishing weights has generated a tremendous amount of research into the impact of lead poisoning on wildlife. less well known are the potential threats to wildlife posed by lead contaminants still prevalent in urban environments. despite a u.s. federal ban on lead-based paint and gasoline in 1978 and 1986, respectively, lead residue is still prevalent at hazardous levels in urban and suburban environments and may present a health concern for people ...200717549547
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