serologic evidence of exposure of wild mammals to flaviviruses in the central and eastern united states.serosurveys were conducted to obtain flavivirus and west nile virus (wnv) seroprevalence data from mammals. sera from 513 small- and medium-sized mammals collected during late summer and fall 2003 from colorado, louisiana, new york, ohio, and pennsylvania were screened for flavivirus-specific antibodies. sera samples containing antibody to flaviviruses were screened for wnv-specific antibodies by epitope-blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and confirmed with plaque reduction neutralizati ...200515891139
serological response of cats to experimental besnoitia darlingi and besnoitia neotomofelis infections and prevalence of antibodies to these parasites in cats from virginia and pennsylvania.abstract besnoitia darlingi and besnoitia neotomofelis are cyst-forming tissue apicomplexan parasites that use domestic cats ( felis domesticus ) as definitive hosts and opossums ( didelphis virginiana ) and southern plains woodrats ( neotoma micropus ) as intermediate hosts, respectively. nothing is known about the prevalence of b. darlingi or b. neotomofelis in cats from the united states. besnoitia darlingi infections have been reported in naturally infected opossums from many states in the u ...201121506782
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