observations on the involvement of wildlife in an epornitic of chlamydiosis in domestic an investigation of potential wildlife reservoirs of chlamydia psittaci at the site of an acute, highly fatal epornitic of chlamydiosis in domestic turkeys in texas, various species of wild birds and rodents were captured and tested for chlamydial serum antibodies and chlamydiae in their tissues. thirteen (65%) of 20 blackbirds (agelaius sp), 4 (44%) of 9 killdeer (oxyechus vociferus), 3 (27%) of 11 sparrows (passer sp) and 1 of 4 mourning doves (zenaidura macroura) were seropositive, but chl ...1976988009
small mammals and white-tailed deer as possible reservoir hosts of brucella abortus in texas.four hundred sixty-eight wild mammals were collected from four ranches in texas where brucella-infected cattle herds are maintained, and examined as possible reservoir hosts for brucella abortus. seventy-one serums from five species were tested for brucella antibodies. liver and spleen from 453 mammals (14 species) were cultured for b. abortus. results of the serologic and bacteriologic examination of rodents, opossums (didelphis virginiana), raccoons (procyon lotor) and white-tailed deer (odoco ...19806768900
murine typhus: updated roles of multiple urban components and a second typhuslike rickettsia.studies using serologic and polymerase chain reaction-(pcr) facilitated analysis of field samples from southern texas indicate the presence of rickettsia typhi and elb agent infected cat fleas, ctenocephalides felis (bouché), and the first observation of elb infected vertebrates (opossums). the elb agent is a recently described typhus-like rickettsia that is not distinguished from r. typhi or r. prowazekii by currently available serologic reagents. restriction digests of pcr products from 399 fl ...19947966170
endemic infections of parastrongylus (=angiostrongylus) costaricensis in two species of nonhuman primates, raccoons, and an opossum from miami, florida.parastrongylus (=angiostrongylus) costaricensis was first reported in the united states from cotton rats, sigmodon hispidus, in texas in 1979. here, we report the findings of p. costaricensis in a siamang (hylobates syndactylus) from the miami metrozoo, in 2 ma's night monkeys (aotus nancymaae) from the dumond conservancy located at monkey jungle in miami, in 4 raccoons (procyon lotor) trapped near the metrozoo, and in an opossum (didelphis virginiana) trapped at the metrozoo. these records are ...200616729706
serologic evidence of west nile virus exposure in north american mesopredators.sera from 936 mammalian mesopredators (virginia opossums, gray foxes, striped skunks, hooded skunks, raccoons, a bobcat, and a red fox) were collected during 2003 and 2004 in california, arizona, texas, louisiana, ohio, and wyoming and screened for flavivirus-specific antibodies by an epitope-blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (blocking elisa). serum samples positive for antibodies against flaviviruses were screened for west nile virus (wnv)-specific antibodies by blocking elisa and sele ...200717255248
serological response of cats to experimental besnoitia darlingi and besnoitia neotomofelis infections and prevalence of antibodies to these parasites in cats from virginia and pennsylvania.abstract besnoitia darlingi and besnoitia neotomofelis are cyst-forming tissue apicomplexan parasites that use domestic cats ( felis domesticus ) as definitive hosts and opossums ( didelphis virginiana ) and southern plains woodrats ( neotoma micropus ) as intermediate hosts, respectively. nothing is known about the prevalence of b. darlingi or b. neotomofelis in cats from the united states. besnoitia darlingi infections have been reported in naturally infected opossums from many states in the u ...201121506782
wildlife contact rates at artificial feeding sites in texas.given the popularity of feeding white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) in texas and the increasing amount of corn that is distributed, more information is needed on the impacts of this activity on non-target wildlife. our objectives were to report visitation, intra- and interspecific contact, and contact rates of wildlife at artificial feeding sites in texas. our study was conducted at three sites in kleberg and nueces counties, texas. we trapped animals from february to april and august to ...201323609307
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