sylvatic trichinellosis in texas.there are no published reports of domestic or sylvatic trichinellosis in texas. the aim of the present survey was to determine the presence of trichinella species in selected representative species of potential wildlife reservoirs in southern texas. in 1998-99, tongues of 211 wild mammals were collected in southern texas: 154 coyotes (canis latrans), three bobcats (lynx rufus), 32 racoons (procyon lotor), 13 opossum (didelphis marsupialis), four ocelots (leopardus pardalis) and five wild boars ( ...200111484391
trichinella infection in wildlife of the southwestern united states.several potential mammalian reservoirs of sylvatic species of trichinella were examined from texas, new mexico, and arizona. during 1998-99, tongues were collected from a black bear (ursus americanus) in arizona; from 9 black bears, a coyote (canis latrans), and a mountain lion (felis concolor) in new mexico; and from 154 coyotes, 32 raccoons (procyon lotor), 13 opossums (didelphis marsupialis), 4 ocelots (leopardus pardalis), 3 bobcats (lynx rufus), and 5 feral hogs (sus scrofa) in southern tex ...200111695403
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