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probable drowning of tundra swans on the northern coast of california. 19863951055
correlations of daily activity with avian cholera mortality among wildfowl.we tested the hypothesis that wildfowl activities can influence the risk of avian cholera (pasteurella multocida infection) for susceptible birds at centerville, humboldt county, california (usa). avian cholera mortality characteristics from past epizootics were correlated with variations in flock size, habitat use and 11 feeding and nonfeeding behaviors among six empirically defined groups of wildfowl: american coots (fulica americana), tundra swans (cygnus columbianus), american wigeon (anas a ...19911758019
avian cholera on north coast california: distinctive epizootiological features.between 1945 and 2001, avian cholera (pasteurella multocida infection) was confirmed at 27 epizootics in 18 different years on northcoastal california. estimated mortality ranged from 1 to 6750 birds per site, with a median total mortality of about 1000 birds per year. eight epizootics involved < 150 birds; thus, minor epizootics were common. annual total wildfowl mortality ranged from 0.4% to 7.0% of estimated live populations; median annual mortality for american coots (fulica americana) (11.5 ...200212381596
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