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hematozoa of raptors from southern new jersey and adjacent areas.blood smears from 259 birds of 12 species, representing four families of raptors, from new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, and virginia were examined for blood parasites. infected birds constituted 59.1% of the total. birds were infected with one or more of the following genera of protozoa: leucocytozoon (43.2%); haemoproteus (21.6%); plasmodium (1.2%); and trypanosoma (1.2%). blood culture of 142 raptors of 11 species for trypanosoma revealed a prevalence of 41.5%. plasmodium circumflexum is re ...19853981737
phylogenetic analysis of avian poxviruses among free-ranging birds of virginia.polymerase chain reaction was used to amplify a portion of the avian poxvirus core 4b gene of infected free-ranging birds that presented at the wildlife center of virginia during the 2003 and early 2004 years. the species of bird infected were a great blue heron (ardea herodias), two american crows (corvus brachyrhyncos), two american robins (turdus migratorius), two mourning doves (zenaida macroura), a red-tailed hawk (buteo jamaicensis), a blue-gray gnatcatcher (polioptila caerulea), a norther ...200516405007
west nile virus in raptors from virginia during 2003: clinical, diagnostic, and epidemiologic findings.sixty-one birds of prey admitted to the wildlife center of virginia (wcv; waynesboro, virginia, usa) from june to november 2003 were tested for west nile virus (wnv) infection. choanal and/or cloacal swabs were obtained and submitted to virginia's division of consolidated laboratory services (richmond, virginia, usa) for analysis with real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr). forty birds of prey were positive for wnv by rt-pcr. five avian families and nine species of ra ...200616870856
decreasing prevalence and seasonal variation of gunshot trauma in raptors admitted to the wildlife center of virginia: 1993-2002.a retrospective study was conducted to identify the epidemiologic factors associated with gunshot injuries in raptors presented to the wildlife center of virginia from 1993 to 2002. of the 3,156 raptors admitted, 118 raptors (3.7%), representing 15 species, were admitted with gunshot trauma as the primary cause of morbidity and mortality. the majority of cases consisted of four species: red-tailed hawk (buteo jamaicensis; 47%), red-shouldered hawk (buteo lineatus; 14%), turkey vulture (cathartes ...200517312769
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