trace element concentrations in wintering waterfowl from the great salt lake, utah.the great salt lake (gsl) is an important region for millions of migratory waterbirds. however, high concentrations of some trace elements, including hg and se, have been detected within the gsl, and baseline ecotoxicological data are lacking for avian species in this system. we collected common goldeneye (bucephala clangula), northern shoveler (anas clypeata), and green-winged teal (a. crecca) from the gsl during the winters of 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 to evaluate sources of variation in liver t ...200918560923
biostrome communities and mercury and selenium bioaccumulation in the great salt lake (utah, usa).the great salt lake has a salinity near 150g/l and is habitat for over 200 species of migratory birds. the diet of many of these birds is dependent on the food web of carbonaceous biostromes (stromatolites) that cover 260km(2) of the lake's littoral zone. we investigated the biostrome community to understand their production processes and to assess whether they are a potential vector for bioconcentration of high mercury and selenium levels in the lake. the periphyton community of the biostromes ...201121835437
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