isolation of candida albicans and halophilic vibrio spp. from aquatic birds in connecticut and florida.halophilic vibrios were recovered from feces of six types of aquatic birds (gulls, pelicans, canada geese, swans, egrets, cormorants) from connecticut and/or florida shorelines. candida albicans was isolated from gulls and canada geese in connecticut and from gulls and cormorants in florida.19902180374
investigation of the life cycle and adult morphology of the avian blood fluke austrobilharzia variglandis (trematoda: schistosomatidae) from connecticut.this study was undertaken to expand the current knowledge of the life cycle and adult morphology of the avian schistosome austrobilharzia variglandis, which causes a marine cercarial dermatitis in new england. the specific objectives were to: (1) investigate the seasonality of the infection in the molluscan intermediate host, ilyanassa obsoleta; (2) determine which bird species are acting as natural definitive hosts for the parasite; and (3) characterize the morphology of the parasite using scan ...19957623201
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