lead poisoning in canada geese on plum island, massachusetts.during december 1983 and early january 1984, about 200 canada geese (branta canadensis) died of lead poisoning at parker river national wildlife refuge on plum island, massachusetts. in an effort to determine the source of lead, 100 bottom samples were taken from a refuge impoundment where much of the mortality/morbidity occurred. an average of 157,150 pellets/ha was found with a range of 64,582 to 322,910 pellets/ha. water levels in this impoundment were low when canada geese arrived, making sh ...19873625903
antibodies to avian influenza viruses in canada geese (branta canadensis): a potential surveillance tool?traditionally, the epidemiology of avian influenza viruses (aivs) in wild birds has been defined by detection of virus or viral rna through virus isolation or reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction. our goals were to estimate aiv antibody prevalence in canada geese (branta canadensis) and measure effects of age and location on these estimates. we collected 3,205 samples from nine states during june and july 2008 and 2009: georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, mississippi, new jersey, north ...201223060517
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