influenza viruses and paramyxoviruses in ducks in the atlantic flyway, 1977-1983, including an h5n2 isolate related to the virulent chicken virus.from 1977 to 1983, waterfowl migrating along the atlantic flyway were annually monitored for orthomyxoviruses and paramyxoviruses in an area in central new york state. a total of 168 influenza isolates were obtained from 1,430 waterfowl. twenty-four combinations of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase subtypes were detected, with as many as 12 found in a single year. one combination, an h5n2 isolate in 1982, was closely related to the virulent chicken virus that appeared in pennsylvania in 1983. the ...19853833237
serologic evidence for west nile virus infection in birds in the new york city vicinity during an outbreak in part of an investigation of an encephalitis outbreak in new york city, we sampled 430 birds, representing 18 species in four orders, during september 13-23, 1999, in queens and surrounding counties. overall, 33% were positive for west nile (wn) virus-neutralizing antibodies, and 0.5% were positive for st. louis encephalitis virus-neutralizing antibodies. by county, queens had the most seropositive birds for wn virus (50%); species with the greatest seropositivity for wn virus (sample sizes we ...200111585522
metal levels in eggs of waterbirds in the new york harbor (usa): trophic relationships and possible risk to human professionals are interested in evaluating the risks that heavy metals pose to eco-receptors and humans. the objective of this study was to examine levels of mercury (hg), lead (pb), cadmium (cd), and other contaminants in waterbirds nesting in the new york harbor in 2012 to determine (1) whether there were species and locational differences, and (2) whether consumption of eggs posed a health risk to predators or humans. for arsenic (as), pb, hg, and selenium (se), species contributed mor ...201525424617
lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and arsenic levels in eggs, feathers, and tissues of canada geese of the new jersey meadowlands.the new jersey meadowlands are located within the heavily urbanized new york/new jersey harbor estuary and have been subject to contamination due to effluent and runoff from industry, traffic, and homes along the hackensack river and nearby waterways. these extensive wetlands, though heavily impacted by development and pollution, support a wide array of bird and other wildlife species. persistent contaminants may pose threats to birds in these habitats, affecting reproduction, egg hatchability, ...201121679937
isolation of cryptococcus laurentii from canada goose guano in rural upstate new york.cryptococcus neoformans and cryptococcus gattii are etiologic agents of cryptococcal pneumonia and meningitis, potentially lethal syndromes associated with aids. a related species, cryptococcus laurentii, has recently been implicated in several cases of human disease. guano from canada goose (branta canadensis), an organism that lives closely beside man and inhabits recreational space in rural and suburban areas, might be a significant environmental reservoir of cryptococcus organisms in non-urb ...200617123035
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