lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and arsenic levels in eggs, feathers, and tissues of canada geese of the new jersey meadowlands.the new jersey meadowlands are located within the heavily urbanized new york/new jersey harbor estuary and have been subject to contamination due to effluent and runoff from industry, traffic, and homes along the hackensack river and nearby waterways. these extensive wetlands, though heavily impacted by development and pollution, support a wide array of bird and other wildlife species. persistent contaminants may pose threats to birds in these habitats, affecting reproduction, egg hatchability, ...201121679937
antibodies to avian influenza viruses in canada geese (branta canadensis): a potential surveillance tool?traditionally, the epidemiology of avian influenza viruses (aivs) in wild birds has been defined by detection of virus or viral rna through virus isolation or reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction. our goals were to estimate aiv antibody prevalence in canada geese (branta canadensis) and measure effects of age and location on these estimates. we collected 3,205 samples from nine states during june and july 2008 and 2009: georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, mississippi, new jersey, north ...201223060517
subtype-specific influenza a virus antibodies in canada geese (branta canadensis).historically, surveillance for influenza a viruses (iavs) in wild birds has relied on viral detection assays. this was largely due to poor performance of serological assays in wild birds; however, recently developed commercial serological assays have improved the ability to detect iav antibodies in wild birds. serological surveillance for iav antibodies in canada geese (branta canadensis) has shown that, despite a low prevalence of virus isolations, canada geese are frequently exposed to iavs an ...201525845755
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