cancer and non-cancer health effects from food contaminant exposures for children and adults in california: a risk the absence of current cumulative dietary exposure assessments, this analysis was conducted to estimate exposure to multiple dietary contaminants for children, who are more vulnerable to toxic exposure than adults.201223140444
races of the celery pathogen fusarium oxysporum f. sp. apii are polyphyletic.fusarium oxysporum species complex (fosc) isolates were obtained from celery with symptoms of fusarium yellows between 1993 and 2013 primarily in california. virulence tests and a two-gene dataset from 174 isolates indicated that virulent isolates collected before 2013 were a highly clonal population of f. oxysporum f. sp. apii race 2. in 2013, new highly virulent clonal isolates, designated race 4, were discovered in production fields in camarillo, california. long-read illumina data were used ...201727938244
biological characterization and complete genomic sequence of apium virus y infecting celery.a celery isolate of apium virus y (apvy-ce) from diseased plants in a commercial field in california was characterized. the experimental host range of the virus included 13 plant species in the families apiaceae, chenopodiaceae and solanaceae. almost all infected plant species showed foliar chlorosis and distortion or severe stunting and systemic chlorosis. apvy-ce was transmitted to all 10 host species in the apiaceae by green peach aphids. it reacted with the potyvirus group antibody and celer ...201120833213
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