helminths of wintering geese in texas.ten canada geese (branta canadensis), 24 snow geese (chen caerulescens) and 22 white-fronted geese (anser albifrons) from coastal texas (usa) were examined for helminths. three cestode, seven nematode, and three trematode species were collected. gizzard nematodes (amidostomum anseris, a. spatulatum and epomidiostomum crami) infected 53 of 54 birds. gross lesions were not attributed to helminth infections and the host population does not appear to be impaired by them.19979249720
waterfowl mortality caused by aflatoxicosis in texas.waterfowl mortality caused by aflatoxicosis occurred in two separate areas in texas during the 1977-78 wintering season. the first outbreak occurred in snow geese (anser caerulescens) on the gulf coast prairies, followed by an outbreak in mallards (anas platyrhynchos) in the north-central portion of the state. aflatoxin b1 levels in geese were 500 ng/g (dry weight). aflatoxin b1 levels in the second mortality were 10-250 ng/g (dry weight). the exact source of the toxin was not demonstrated in th ...19826813512
antibodies to influenza a viruses in wintering snow geese (chen caerulescens) in texas.wild waterfowl in the order anseriformes are recognized reservoirs for influenza a viruses (iavs); however, prevalence of infection can vary greatly by species. few isolates of iavs have been reported from snow geese (chen caerulescens), and generally they have not been regarded as an important component of this reservoir. in february 2013, 151 combined cloacal and oropharangeal swabs and 147 serum samples were collected from snow geese wintering on the gulf coast of texas. none of the swab samp ...201627309076
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