misunderstanding the ‘‘nature’’ of co-management: a geography of regulatory science and indigenous knowledges (ik).governments, ngos, and natural scientists have increased research and policy-making collaborations with indigenous peoples for governing natural resources, including official co-management regimes. however, there is continuing dissatisfaction with such collaborations, and calls for better communication and mutual learning to create more ‘‘adaptive’’ co-management regimes. this, however, requires that both western and indigenous knowledge systems be equal participants in the ‘‘co-production’’ of ...201323797486
avian cholera exposure and carriers in greater white-fronted geese breeding in alaska, usa.we conducted a 3-yr study (2001-03) on greater white-fronted geese (anser albifrons frontalis) breeding in alaska, usa, to determine the exposure of this population to pasteurella multocida and the potential role of these birds as disease carriers. we tested sera from nearly 600 adult geese for antibodies to p. multocida serotype 1. we found a low prevalence (<5%) of positive antibodies in adult geese, and based on the short duration of detectable antibodies, these findings indicate recent infec ...200516244059
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