parasites of waterfowl from southwest texas: i. the northern cinnamon teal, anas cyanoptera septentrionalium.seventeen northern cinnamon teal, anas cyanoptera septentrionalium were collected in hudspeth county, texas: 10 in january, 1974, and seven in september, 1974. fifteen parasite species were recovered: 11 were new host records. three species of parasites were recorded from spring migrants and 15 from fall migrants.1977839625
avian influenza viruses and paramyxoviruses in wintering and resident ducks in texas.cloacal swabs were collected from teal (anas crecca, anas cyanoptera, anas discors), mottled duck (anas fulvigula) and northern pintail (anas acuta) in brazoria county, texas, usa, during february 2001, mottled ducks during august 2001, and blue-winged teal (a. discors) during february 2002. prevalence of avian influenza virus (aiv) infections during each sampling period were 11, 0, and 15%, respectively. the hemagglutinin (h) subtypes h2 and h7 were detected in both years, while the h8 subtype ...200516244076
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