isolation and characterisation of rhabdovirus from wild common bream abramis brama, roach rutilus rutilus, farmed brown trout salmo trutta and rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss in northern ireland.rhabdovirus was isolated from wild common bream abramis brama during a disease outbreak with high mortality in northern ireland during may 1998. rhabdovirus was also isolated at the same time from healthy farmed rainbow oncorhynchus mykiss and brown trout salmo trutta on the same stretch of river and 11 mo later from healthy wild bream and roach rutilus rutilus in the same river system. experimental intra-peritoneal infection of bream and mirror carp cyprinus carpio var specularis with 2 of thes ...200111843142
isolation of a rhabdovirus during outbreaks of disease in cyprinid fish species at fishery sites in england.a virus was isolated during disease outbreaks in bream abramis brama, tench tinca tinca, roach rutilis rutilis and crucian carp carassius carassius populations at 6 fishery sites in england in 1999. mortalities at the sites were primarily among recently introduced fish and the predominant fish species affected was bream. the bream stocked at 5 of the 6 english fishery sites were found to have originated from the river bann, northern ireland. most fish presented few consistent external signs of d ...200314735920
evidence for the co-existence of separate strains or species of ligula in lough neagh, northern ireland.ligula (cestoda: pseudophyllidea) infections in gudgeon (gobio gobio) and roach (rutilus rutilus) differ markedly in the pathology that is observed in the host, particularly with respect to a tissue response and the extent of inhibition of gonadal development. the entire internal transcribed spacer (its) region (its-1, 5.8s and its-2) and the large subunit domains d1-d3 were sequenced and compared in parasites from these fish from lough neagh, northern ireland, together with a single specimen fr ...200212015830
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