the sea empress oil spill (wales, uk): effects on common scoter melanitta nigra in carmarthen bay and status ten years later.carmarthen bay, uk, regularly supports internationally important numbers (>16,000) of non-breeding common scoters melanitta nigra. the spill of 72,000 tonnes of crude oil from the sea empress in 1996 affected birds both through direct mortality and likely pollution of key food resources. numbers were greatly reduced following the spill, whilst changes in the distribution of birds within carmarthen bay suggested that potentially sub-optimal foraging zones were used. however, ten years after the i ...200818331745
birds of the severn estuary and bristol channel: their current status and key environmental issues.the severn estuary and bristol channel encompass a number of designated sites supporting populations of waterbirds and seabirds that are of national or international importance, including the severn estuary and burry inlet special protection areas (spas)/ramsar sites and carmarthen bay, the uk's first marine spa. here, we provide an overview of the present numbers and trends of the waterbirds and seabirds using these sites, updating previous reviews undertaken prior to these designations. we fur ...201020153484
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