endophthalmitis at the bristol eye hospital: an 11-year review of 47 patients.we reviewed data from 47 patients who were treated for endophthalmitis at our hospital during the 11-year period 1980-90. the most common clinical features were hypopyon (75%), diminished vision (72%), ocular pain (68%), discharge (57%), corneal oedema (51%), conjunctival injection (49%), abnormal red reflex (34%), corneal ulcer (32%) and corneal perforation (6%). a total of 54 isolates were obtained from 41 (87%) of the 47 patients. gram-positive bacteria were more common (72%), than gram-negat ...19921363106
mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in primary care investigated by real-time pcr in england and wales.real-time pcr was employed to detect a conserved region of the p1 cytadhesin gene of mycoplasma pneumoniae in combined nose and throat swabs collected from patients attending gp surgeries during 2005-2009 with symptoms of respiratory tract infection (rti). samples were collected as part of an annual winter epidemiological and virological linked study in england and wales. a total of 3,987 samples were tested, 65 (1.7%, 95%ci 1.3-2.1) had detectable m. pneumoniae dna. positive patients were detec ...201121311941
dental and microbiological risk factors for hospital-acquired pneumonia in non-ventilated older patients.we obtained a time series of tongue/throat swabs from 90 patients with lower limb fracture, aged 65-101 in a general hospital in the north east of england between april 2009-july 2010. we used novel real-time multiplex pcr assays to detect s. aureus, mrsa, e. coli, p. aeruginosa, s. pneumoniae, h. influenza and acinetobacter spp. we collected data on dental/denture plaque (modified quigley-hein index) and outcomes of clinician-diagnosed hap.201525923662
leeds undergraduate medical education conference, 7-8 july 1995.the leeds undergraduate medical education conference (lumec) was held on 7-8 july 1995. this conference, devoted entirely to undergraduate medical education, was unique in that it was organized entirely by four medical students. it attracted a wide and enthusiastic audience and excellent speakers. professor charles george (chairman, education committee, general medical council) spoke about tomorrow's doctors, dr mark bailey (part-chairman, medical students' committee of the british medical assoc ...19968736251
r. a. fisher. twice professor of genetics: london and cambridge or "a fairly well-known geneticist". 19902085638
internationally recruited nurses' experiences in england: a survey approach.over the past few years, there has been an impetus to recruit internationally registered nurses to work in the national health service (nhs) to avert the labor shortage inherent in the united kingdom.201525982764
emergency peripartum hysterectomy in a tertiary london hospital.the objective was to review all emergency peripartum hysterectomies performed at a tertiary hospital in london, uk, and to identify the risk factors for emergency peripartum hysterectomy.200515690169
r. a. fisher, lancelot hogben, and the 'competition' for the chair of social biology at the london school of economics in 1930: correcting the legend.from 1930 to 1937 lancelot hogben frs occupied the chair of social biology at the london school of economics and political science. according to standard histories of this appointment, he and r. a. fisher frs both applied for the position, but hogben was selected over fisher. the episode has received attention in large part because of the later prominence of the two figures involved. the surviving archival records, however, tell a remarkably different story. neither fisher nor hogben was ever an ...201526665489
the impact of migration on the sexual health, behaviours and attitudes of central and east european gay/bisexual men in london.building on an earlier quantitative study which found that gay/bisexual men from central and eastern europe were at greater risk of sexual ill health following migration to the uk, the aim of this qualitative study is to explore how the process of migration itself may have influenced the migrants' sexual behaviour and attitudes.201423597207
a case control study in the indian subcontinent ethnic population on the effect of return visits and the subsequent development of tuberculosis.a local government area in north west england with a significant population of indian subcontinent (isc) ethnic origin and a high incidence of tuberculosis.200616236358
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