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cluster of atypical adult guillain-barré syndrome temporally associated with neurological illness due to ev-d68 in children, south wales, united kingdom, october 2015 to january 2016.we report a cluster of atypical guillain-barré syndrome in 10 adults temporally related to a cluster of four children with acute flaccid paralysis, over a 3-month period in south wales, united kingdom. all adult cases were male, aged between 24 and 77 years. seven had prominent facial diplegia at onset. available electrophysiological studies showed axonal involvement in five adults. seven reported various forms of respiratory disease before onset of neurological symptoms. the ages of children ra ...201626848143
mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in primary care investigated by real-time pcr in england and wales.real-time pcr was employed to detect a conserved region of the p1 cytadhesin gene of mycoplasma pneumoniae in combined nose and throat swabs collected from patients attending gp surgeries during 2005-2009 with symptoms of respiratory tract infection (rti). samples were collected as part of an annual winter epidemiological and virological linked study in england and wales. a total of 3,987 samples were tested, 65 (1.7%, 95%ci 1.3-2.1) had detectable m. pneumoniae dna. positive patients were detec ...201121311941
detecting child sexual abuse in general practice: a retrospective case-control study from investigate if routine medical contacts provide indicators that would assist general practitioners in detecting male child abuse.199910674297
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