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secondary alveolar bone grafting (cleftsis) 2007-2010.objective to determine whether alveolar bone graft outcomes for unilateral and bilateral cleft lip and palate patients have continued to improve since the reorganization of cleft services in scotland in 2000. design retrospective analysis of postoperative anterior occlusal radiographs. patients and participants eighty-one of 106 patients who were eligible for alveolar bone grafting between 2007 and 2010 had suitable postoperative radiographs available. interventions twenty-seven percent of the p ...201626914161
attitudes of scottish residents in the southeast of spain concerning living reduce the considerable organ deficit, living donation is being promoted. the subset of foreign population living in spain could be potential patients for transplantation and/or donation. the objective of this study was to analyze the attitudes toward living donation (ld) of the population from the southeast of spain who are natives of scotland.201324314963
how resilient are europe's inshore fishing communities to change? differences between the north and the would hypothesize that the common fisheries policy, as the umbrella framework for fisheries management in the eu would have the greatest impact on fishers' communities across europe. there are, however, biological, economic, social, and political factors, which vary among fishing communities that can affect how these communities react to changes. this paper explores the links between institutional arrangements and ecological dynamics in two european inshore fisheries socio-ecological systems ...201324214001
relationship between socioeconomic deprivation 
or urban/rural residence and visual acuity before cataract surgery in northern evaluate the influence of socioeconomic factors on visual acuity before cataract surgery.201523661537
ecological meltdown in the firth of clyde, scotland: two centuries of change in a coastal marine ecosystem.the firth of clyde is a large inlet of the sea that extends over 100 km into scotland's west coast.201020686614
attitude of scottish residents living in southeastern spain toward organ donation.southeastern spain is a habitual area of residence for the native population of scotland.200819010130
retinopathy of prematurity in small-for-gestational age infants compared with those of appropriate size for gestational compare the incidence of retinopathy of prematurity (rop) in small-for-gestational age (sga) infants compared with appropriate-for-gestational age (aga) infants undergoing eye screening in the lothian region of south east scotland 1990-2004.200918786959
among the deep sea fishers--the glasgow-grenfell link. 200516396207
a pilot study to establish a randomized trial methodology to test the efficacy of a behavioural can pregnant women be helped to stop smoking? this was a pilot study of midwife home-based motivational interviewing. clients were 100 consecutive self-reported smokers booking at clinics in glasgow from march to may 1997. smoking guidance is routinely given at booking. in addition, intervention clients received a median of four home-based motivational interviewing sessions from one specially trained midwife. all sessions (n = 171) were audio-taped and interviews (n = 49) from 13 randomly se ...200011066466
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