pathology and ultrastructure of an intranuclear bacilliform virus (ibv) infecting brown shrimp crangon crangon (decapoda: crangonidae).the brown shrimp crangon crangon supports an important fishery in europe (over 25000 t, valued at 80 million euros in 2000). through the course of histopathological screening of crustaceans from the clyde estuary, western scotland, for the biological effect of contaminants, we have discovered a highly prevalent (up to 100%) non-occluded intranuclear bacilliform virus (ibv) infection in the hepatopancreatic tubule epithelia and midgut epithelia of wild c. crangon. this is the first report of an i ...200415109130
the m77 highway: saving lives and money.upgrading of a stretch of the a77, a major road in south west scotland to highway status has resulted in a significant reduction in the incidence of serious and fatal road traffic accidents on a major international route. notwithstanding the pain and suffering prevented, the annual economic savings amount to over pound 6.1 million ($12.14 m/euro 7.96 m) the highway, with an effective central reservation barrier, will pay for itself in 17 years and will continue to prevent serious injury and save ...200818672239
e-health: implementation and evaluation research in scotland -- a scoping exercise.we searched the national research register (nrr) to identify funded research in scotland (or in collaboration with a scottish partner) in the area of implementation and evaluation of e-health services. a total of 61 research projects were identified which had been funded since 1 january 1995. these projects shared almost 7 million pound of funding (1 pound is $1.9 or 1.3 euro), the main funding sources being the scottish government and the european union. based on the projects reviewed, the majo ...200818430274
a pilot study of a mediterranean-type diet intervention in female patients with rheumatoid arthritis living in areas of social deprivation in glasgow.a mediterranean-type diet rich in fish, fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fats has been associated with health benefits, including improved cardiovascular profile and benefit in ra.200717613557
cost effectiveness and cost utility model of public place defibrillators in improving survival after prehospital cardiopulmonary determine the cost effectiveness and cost utility of locating defibrillators in all major airports, railway stations, and bus stations throughout scotland.200314656838
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