the descriptive epizootiology of phocine distemper in the uk during 1988/89.the 'time, place, individual' approach, widely used in characterising human epidemics, was applied to the 1988 phocine distemper virus (pdv) epizootic affecting north sea seals. estimates of time of death from 157 (69%) of the 228 dead seals necropsied in 1988 indicated that the number of carcasses which were found more than 14 days post mortem increased as the epizootic progressed. although information provided by epizootic curves based on when and where carcasses were reported are affected by ...19921594933
radionuclides in seals and porpoises in the coastal waters around the has been suggested that marine predators be assessed for biologically relevant contamination levels because of their trophic position. accordingly, in studying radioactive contamination in the marine environment around the uk, tissues from seals and porpoises have been chosen. liver and muscle tissue from dead seals and porpoises found stranded around the uk coast have been analysed for the following radionuclides: 134cs, 137cs, 238pu, 239pu + 240pu. multifactor analysis of variance indicated ...199910507144
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