some heavy metals accumulation in tissues in capoeta umbla (heckel, 1843) from uzuncayir dam lake (tunceli, turkey).concentrations of metals were determined in the gills, liver, kidney, heart and muscle in capoeta umbla caught from six stations from the munzur river system. metal concentrations in the tissues tended to vary significantly among stations (p < 0.05). liver (cu, 10.10 ± 0.23-23.03 ± 9.37 ppm; zn, 14.67 ± 3.01-21.82 ± 2.39 ppm; cd, 18.04 ± 4.56-52.69 ± 10.65 ppb and fe, 28.87 ± 6.78-115.11 ± 34.87 ppm) and kidney (cu, 1.80 ± 0.25-3.70 ± 0.62 ppm; zn, 20.81 ± 0.37-29.36 ± 0.70 ppm; cd, 132.06 ± 5.2 ...201122105936
use of acetylcholinesterase, glutathione s-transferase and cytochrome p450 1a1 in capoeta umbla as biomarkers for monitoring of pollution in uzuncayir dam lake (tunceli, turkey).uzuncayir dam lake is one of the most important water bodies in tunceli. it is polluted by domestic wastewaters together with natural contamination and pesticides, which have had cumulatively negative effects. this study analyzes the effects of pollution by using the fish species, capoeta umbla as a sentinel species, with a biomarker approach. the approach comprehends a general biomarker of individual fish health, the condition factor and specific biomarkers of contaminant exposure such as gluta ...201424814260
cytokine responses in gills of capoeta umbla as biomarkers of environmental pollution.immunological biomarkers reflect the effects of exposure to environmental contaminants. in this study, the suitability and sensitivity of cytokine responses, interleukin1β (il-1β), interleukin-6 (il-6), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (tnf-α) in gill tissues of capoeta umbla (heckel, 1843), collected from different regions, as early warning indices of environmental pollution and ecosystem health was evaluated. fish and water samples were taken from ten stations in march and september 2011 and 2012. ...201626931532
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