histopathological changes in gill and liver of capoeta capoeta living in the karasu river, erzurum.the contamination of surface waters by different pollutants is an important problem worldwide. in this study, the histopathological effects of water pollution were investigated on freshwater fish species capoeta capoeta caught from the karasu river. fish were caught at three different sites in the karasu river, namely, a┼čkale, dumlu, and serçeme. the histological changes in gill and liver of fish were detected microscopically and evaluated with quantitative analyses. in addition, heavy metals ha ...201524510427
genotoxic effects of water pollution on two fish species living in karasu river, erzurum, turkey.karasu river, which is the only river in the erzurum plain, is the source of the euphrates river (eastern anatolia of turkey). the river is in a serious environmental situation as a result of pollution by agricultural and industrial sewage and domestic discharges. the present study aims to evaluate genotoxic effects of toxic metals in chub, leuciscus cephalus, and transcaucasian barb, capoeta capoeta, collected from contaminated site of the karasu river, in comparison with fish from an unpollute ...201425117493
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