helminths of freshwater animals from five provinces in northern species of fishes, 6 species of mollusks, 1 species of crab, and 1 species of shrimp were collected from 12 natural freshwater sites from 5 provinces: lumpang, phrae, phayao, chiang rai and chiang mai during the rainy season of 2000. fishes, channa striatus, dermogenus pusillus, oxyeleotris marmoratus, trichogaster trichopterus and trichopsis vittatus were examined for helminths and 34.69% (17/49) were infected. there were 2 genera of monogenean identified as follows: dactylogyrus and tria ...200112041591
pallisentis rexus from the chiang mai basin, thailand: ultrastructural studies on egg envelope development and the mechanism of egg expansion.pallisentis rexus wongkham & whitfield, 1999 (eoacanthocephala: quadrigyridae) infects the freshwater snakehead fish, channa striata, in the chiang mai basin, thailand. all stages of egg development within the body cavity of the female parasite were observed, using transmission electron microscopy. changes in mature eggs after contact with water were also investigated. the mature egg has five egg envelopes separated from each other by four gaps. the fertilization membrane, which is formed first, ...200414972041
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