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gnathostoma infection in fish caught for local consumption in nakhon nayok province, thailand i. prevalence and fish species.between august 2000 and august 2001, 12,216 fish of 73 species were purchased from several local markets in nakhon nayok province, thailand, and examined for the presence of gnathostoma larvae. almost all species were fresh-water fish that had grown naturally, rather than raised commercially. eight species were found to be infected with gnathostome larvae. the overall prevalence was 5.1% (626/12,216) and a total of 5,969 larvae was recovered. the highest rate of infection (30.1 %) was found in m ...200415689060
gnathostomiasis in thailand: a survey on intermediate hosts of gnathostoma spp. with special reference to a new type of larvae found in fluta clarify current status of gnathostomiasis in thailand, a survey on intermediate hosts has been carried out at various localities since 1987. it was found that fluta alba (fresh water eel) as well as channa striata (snake-headed fish) might be important in playing a role of transmitting the infection either among humans or reservoir animals. during the three years from 1987 to 1989, larvae of gnathostoma spinigerum were found in 80-100% of f. alba obtained from markets in nakhon nayok, with a ...19911822890
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