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pathological gambling in spanish children and adolescents: an emerging problem.several studies have shown a high prevalence of pathological gamblers among adults in spain (between 1.5% and 1.7%) of the population (18 years and older). in other countries the prevalence of pathological gambling in children and adolescents has been higher than in adults. here some results of the first studies conducted in spain concerning the prevalence of pathological gambling in school children and adolescents (11-16 years) are presented for two cities located in different northern regions ...19979293217
assessing the sustainability and adaptive capacity of the gooseneck barnacle co-management system in asturias, n. spain.the gooseneck barnacle fishery in asturias (n. spain) has undergone three important changes: (1) the early implementation of a co-management system based on territorial user rights for fishing, (2) a change in management measures (due to a decrease in landings), and (3) an economic crisis. this has allowed us to analyze the systems' sustainability in time through examining five critical variables: landings, effort, catch per unit effort (cpue), mean market prices, and annual revenue. additionall ...201626204856
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