psychiatric hospitalization and continuity of care in immigrants treated in madrid (spain).the ethnic group and also the socioeconomic level of a patient are linked with the quality of the health care received that is associated, among other factors, with the continuity of care between the different services involved in treatment. the main goal of this study is to identify whether foreigners resident in madrid run a greater risk than spaniards of interruption in the continuity of their care after discharge from a psychiatric hospitalization. other characteristics of the patients assoc ...200415243694
theoretical efficiency of a televisiting service for home care support.we have made a theoretical study of the potential for televisiting. all journeys made by the home care support team in an area of madrid were reviewed to study the possibility of using televisiting. during the year 2000 the team provided an average of seven home visits a day. the home visits took 30 min on average, and the journey time was 30 min for urban areas and 45 min in the suburbs. we estimated that two of each day s visits could be carried out by telemedicine, with a mean duration of 15 ...200212217152
health economics assessment study of teicoplanin versus vancomycin in gram-positive infections.the objective of this study, conducted at hospital clínico san carlos, madrid, spain, was to compare the cost of treatment of gram-positive infections with teicoplanin and vancomycin under normal conditions. using a prospective observational study design for drug utilization and economic assessment, we evaluated the comparability of the sample, adverse events, features of treatment with teicoplanin/vancomycin and factors influencing the consumption of resources until the end of glycopeptide trea ...200616688294
[cost comparison of temporary sickness absence in 2006 between barcelona and madrid provinces, spain].sickness absence due to non work-related conditions is a major public health issue with important socio-economic implications, and is not homogenously distributed in spain. the objective of this study is to compare cost differences of temporary sickness absence between barcelona and madrid.200919701576
care and cost-utility indicators for high-flow picc catheters: a study.intravenous therapy teams (ivtt) provide care, education and supervision of the patient with a central line, and his/her family. this article discusses the creation of an ivtt in the hospital clínico san carlos of madrid, spain, demonstrating its effectiveness using cost-utility analysis and outcomes indicators. in 2009 the ivtt began using a high-flow peripherally inserted central catheter (picc) with its target population of chronic patients dependent on central venous catheters or prolonged i ...201121471871
the relationship between social support and self-reported health status in immigrants: an adjusted analysis in the madrid cross sectional support is an important factor in the adaptation process of immigrants, helping for their integration in a new environment. the lack of social support may influence on well-being and health status. the aim of this study is to describe the social support of immigrant and native population and study the possible association between immigration and lack social support after adjusting for sociodemographic factors, income, stress and self-reported health status.201121651759
[hospital admissions for meningococcal infections in madrid, spain (1997-2005)].neisseria meningitidis infection causes an important morbidity and mortality in spain. our study aims to estimate the burden of hospital admissions for meningococcal infection in spain during a nine-year period (1997-2005) by analyzing the spanish hospital surveillance system.201020036397
[epidemiology and costs of severe sepsis in madrid. a hospital discharge study].severe sepsis is a complex syndrome to define, diagnose and treat. this population-based study describes the epidemiology of sepsis in the region of madrid, estimates its incidence and mortality, and assesses its impact on hospital stays and costs.200616938192
estimation of the economic and health impact of complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the autonomous community of madrid (spain).to estimate the economic and health impact of chronic complications (macrovascular and microvascular) of type 2 diabetes mellitus (t2dm) in the autonomous community of madrid (spain) (acm).201424440211
detection of pharmaceutically active compounds in the rivers and tap water of the madrid region (spain) and potential ecotoxicological risk.concentrations of pharmaceutically active compounds (phacs) in the order of ng l(-1) to μg l(-1) have been reported worldwide in waste, fluvial and even drinking water, raising concern about the efficacy of the currently employed waste water treatments in the elimination of this kind of compounds. despite ranking 29th in terms of population, spain is currently the 8th country on pharmaceutical prescription with an expense of 14×10(9) euros in 2008. in this context, the aim of this study was to d ...201121641628
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