an approach to estimating the intangible costs of multiple sclerosis according to disability in catalonia, spain.multiple sclerosis (ms) is a chronic demyelinating disease, which represents a great economic burden to society. cost-of-illness studies of ms tend to underestimate the intangible costs related to pain, anxiety and helplessness. the purpose of this study was to estimate the intangible costs of ms, and determine whether these costs increase as disability progresses. we studied 211 consecutive patients with ms who attended our ms unit. patients mean age was 41.6 (sd: 10.7) years, 69% were female, ...200717613609
[public health functions, activities and structures: the role of large and middle-sized municipalities].the aim of this paper was to analyze how public health functions are covered in large or medium-sized cities in catalonia (spain) by assessing the role, activities and structure of local services.201711333643
cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness of the incorporation of the pneumococcal 7-valent conjugated vaccine in the routine vaccination schedule of catalonia (spain).the health and economic costs and benefits of vaccinating a cohort of 60,000 children born in catalonia in the year 2000 with the pneumococcal 7-valent conjugated vaccine were compared with the alternative of not implementing the vaccination programme. the time horizon fixed for the programme was 10 years for invasive disease, 2 years for all episodes of pneumonia and otitis media and 3.5 years for the placement of tympanostomy tubes. in the base case (incidence rate of invasive disease of 160 p ...200515755625
cost-utility of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for depression in primary care in determine the cost-utility of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (ssris) for treating depressive disorders prescribed in primary care (pc).200617087814
costs of depression in catalonia (spain).to estimate the cost of depression for the adult population in catalonia (spain) for 2006.201121402411
cost savings associated with 10 years of road safety policies in catalonia, determine whether the road safety policies introduced between 2000 and 2010 in catalonia, spain, which aimed primarily to reduce deaths from road traffic collisions by 50% by 2010, were associated with economic benefits to society.201323397348
estimation of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment costs based on a patient-level analysis in catalonia (spain).assessing of the costs of treating disease is necessary to demonstrate cost-effectiveness and to estimate the budget impact of new interventions and therapeutic innovations. however, there are few comprehensive studies on resource use and costs associated with lung cancer patients in clinical practice in spain or internationally. the aim of this paper was to assess the hospital cost associated with lung cancer diagnosis and treatment by histology, type of cost and stage at diagnosis in the spani ...201525889153
[estimation of hospital costs of colorectal cancer in catalonia (spain)].to assess the hospital cost associated with colorectal cancer (crc) treatment by stage at diagnosis, type of cost and disease phase in a public hospital.201726318723
morbidity, outcomes and cost-benefit analysis of wildlife rehabilitation in catalonia (spain).there are few studies of careful examination of wildlife casualties in wildlife rehabilitation centers. these studies are essential for detecting menaces to wild species and providing objective criteria about cost-benefit of treatments in those centers. the release rate is considered the main outcome indicator, but other parameters such as length of stay at the center and a cost-benefit index expressed as number of released animals per euro and day, could be used as reliable estimators of the re ...201728719647
herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia in catalonia (spain).the objective of the study was to analyze the descriptive epidemiology and costs of herpes zoster (hz) and postherpetic neuralgia (phn) in people aged ≥50 years in catalonia (spain). the incidence of hz in catalonia was estimated by extrapolating the incidence data from navarre (spain) to the population of catalonia. the incidence of phn was estimated according to the proportion of cases of hz in the case series of the hospital del sagrado corazón de barcelona that evolved to phn. drug costs wer ...201525483532
catalonia who palliative care demonstration project at 15 years (2005).since 1990, a wide range of palliative care services has been implemented throughout the catalan health care system. in 2005, 21,400 patients received palliative care; 59% had cancer (79.4% of all cancer patients) and 41% had other noncancer diagnoses (25.0%-56.5% of all noncancer patients). today, more than 95% of catalonia is covered by palliative care services. fourteen districts have comprehensive palliative care networks. a total of 140 full-time physicians work in 183 specialty programs, i ...200717482052
direct and indirect costs of multiple sclerosis in baix llobregat (catalonia, spain), according to disability.multiple sclerosis (ms) is an incurable chronic disease that predominantly affects young adults. it has a high socio-economic impact which increases as disability progresses. an assessment of the real costs of ms may contribute to our knowledge of the disease and to treat it more efficiently. our objective is to assess the direct and indirect costs of ms from a societal perspective, in patients monitored in our ms unit (baix llobregat, catalonia) and grouped according to their disability (edss).200617078879
[the costs of a multiple sclerosis relapse in catalonia (spain)].the objective of this study is to calculate direct, indirect and intangible costs of a relapse in multiple sclerosis (ms) in our cohort of patients.200616977554
[cost-effectiveness of 23-valent antipneumococcical vaccination in catalonia (spain)].pneumococcal vaccination is an effective procedure for preventing pneumococcal pneumonia. in this study we evaluate the cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccination strategies (23 serotypes) in the population aged 5 years and older in catalonia.201612372184
relationship between consumption of mrsa-active antibiotics and burden of mrsa in acute care hospitals in catalonia, analyse the possible relationship between consumption of old and new mrsa-active antibiotics and burden of mrsa in acute care hospitals in catalonia during the period 2007-12.201525433010
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