occurrence of theileria parva and other haemoprotozoa in cattle at the edge of hluhluwe-imfolozi park, kwazulu-natal, south africa.theileria parva, the most important bovine theilerial species in sub-saharan africa, causes widespread mortality and morbidity in endemic areas. a survey was conducted using buffy-coat specimens from 60 apparently healthy adult communally herded nguni-type cattle at the northeastern edge of the hluhluwe-imfolozi park to determine, by means of pcr and reverse line blot (rlb) hybridisation, the occurrence of theileria and babesia species. the presence of trypanosoma species was determined using pc ...201020649154
tick-borne blood parasites in nyala (tragelaphus angasii, gray 1849) from kwazulu-natal, south africa.a total of 97 blood samples of nyala (tragelaphus angasii, gray 1849) from south africa were tested for the presence of tick-borne haemoparasites by means of polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and reverse line blot (rlb) hybridization. the majority of blood samples contained several different haemoparasites, often in combination. prevalent haemoparasites were theileria sp. (kudu), t. buffeli, theileria sp. (sable), t. bicornis, ehrlichia sp. omatjenne, anaplasma marginale and a. bovis. this serves ...201021145660
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