theileriosis (cytauxzoonosis) in roan antelope (hippotragus equinus): field exposure to infection and identification of potential vectors.four hand-reared, naïve roan antelope, 4 months of age, were exposed to naturally infected pasture on a game farm in mpumalanga province, south africa, where roan are known to die from theileriosis. various clinical parameters were recorded during this period. the predominant ticks parasitising these animals at the time (january to february), were rhipicephalus appendiculatus and rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi adults. after a period of 5 weeks the animals developed signs of clinical theileriosis ...201223327309
protozoan and bacterial pathogens in tick salivary glands in wild and domestic animal environments in south africa.a total of 7364 ticks belonging to 13 species was collected from 64 game animals (belonging to 11 species) and from 64 livestock animals (cattle and sheep) living in close vicinity at 6 localities in 3 south african provinces (free state, mpumalanga, and limpopo). the geographic distribution of all tick species was congruent with the literature except for haemaphysalis silacea. from each infested host, a maximum of 10 males and 10 females of each tick species were dissected to isolate the saliva ...201424378080
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