molineus cati n. sp. (nematoda, trichostrongylina, molineoidea), a parasite of feral cats, felis catus linnaeus, 1758 in south africa.a new species of the genus molineus cameron, 1923 was recovered from feral cats, felis catus linnaeus, 1758, in mpumalanga province, south africa. because of a caudal bursa with rays of the 2-1-2 type, but with the extremities of rays 4 nearer those of rays 3 than those of rays 5, the new species is closely related to seven neotropical molineus spp., four parasitic in primates, two parasitic in mustelidae and one a parasite of procyonidae. amongst these species, only molineus barbaris cameron, 1 ...200011131118
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