the first record of dimerosaccus oncorhynchi (trematoda: opecoelidae) in fishes from rivers of primorsky territory, russia, with a discussion on its taxonomic position using morphological and molecular data.the opecoelid trematode dimerosaccus oncorhynchi (eguchi, 1931) shimazu, 1980, hitherto known only from the japanese archipelago, has been found in three species of freshwater salmonid fish (oncorhynchus masou, brachymystax tumensis, salvelinus curilus) from rivers of primorsky territory, the sea of japan basin, russia. this is the first record of the parasite in the continental part of asia. fishes b. tumensis and s. curilus are new hosts for d. oncorhynchi. the ecological notes, morphological ...201526373191
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