[microsomacanthus polystictae sp. n. and other cestodes of the family hymenolepididae (cyclophyllidea) from steller's eider polysticta stelleri from the chaun lowlands (northwestern chukotka)].8 species of cestodes belonging to the family hymenolepididae were recorded from polysticta stelleri (pall.) in the chaun lowland. a new species of hymenolepidids, microsomacanthus polystictae sp. n., differing from close (by the length of proboscis hooks) species of the genus in the structure and size of the copulatory organ is described. brief diagnosis of the new species: cestodes small, specimens ending with hermaphrodite proglottids 2.44 to 2.91 mm long. proboscis hooks 0.038 to 0.042 mm lo ...20073387123
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