[epizooty caused by high-virulent influenza virus a/h5n1 of genotype 2.2 (qinghai-siberian) among wild and domestic birds on the paths of fall migrations to the north-western part of the azov sea basin (krasnodar territory)].isolation, followed by the sequencing the full-size genome of strains of a/chicken/krasnodarl300/07 and a/cygnus cygnus/krasnodar/329/07, has shown that they belong to genotype 2.2 (qinghai-siberian). the strains were deposited at the state virus collection of the russian federation and nucleotide consequences were at the international databank genbank. the strains contained 10 unique amino acid replacements in reference to the consensus of the qinghai-siberian genotype in the pb2, pa, ha, na, a ...200818450104
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