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[the clinal variability of the b-chromosome system in the east asian mouse apodemus peninsulae from buryatia and mongolia].karyological investigation of 22 east-asiatic mice from different points of the north mongolia showed the availability in all the mice from 1 to 13 b chromosomes, including from 1 to 5 middle-sized and small two-shoulder chromosomes, from 0 to 11 dot-like b chromosomes, and, seldom, 1 small acrocentric b chromosome. nearly every mouse is characterized by its variant of b-chromosome system. most frequent mice with 3, 4 and 8 b chromosomes were met. the comparison of the b-chromosome system varian ...19911866789
[the mechanisms of formation and evolution of b chromosomes in korean field mice apodemus peninsulae (mammalia, rodentia)].several hypotheses concerning variations in the frequency of some elementary events determining the formation and reorganization of mammalian b chromosomes are proposed on the basis of the data on their number, morphology, and dna composition in korean field mice apodemus peninsulae (mammalia, rodentia) from natural populations of altai, buryatia, irkutsk oblast, and primorye. the mechanisms and causes responsible for the formation of b chromosomes and differences in their organization in popula ...200919507698
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