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increased number of b chromosomes in the eastern asian mice apodemus peninsulae (rodentia, muridae) from a mountain altai population. 200717515034
[increase in the number of the b-chromosomes and variants of their system in mouse apodemus peninsulae in mountain altai population over 26 years].a new evolutionary genetic phenomenon - increase in the number of b-chromosomes (almost threefold) accompanied by change in b chromosome morphotypes - was discovered in the artybash population of east asian mouse apodemus peninsulae (mountain altai) over a historically short period (22 years), comparable with a small number of mouse generations (ten generations). the process of increase in the number of a. peninsulae b-chromosomes in mountain altai has been monitored over 26 years (1980, 1986, 1 ...200818846820
[diversity and individuality of variants of the system of b chromosomes in mice apodemus peninsulae].a complicated population system of b chromosomes has been revealed in the karyotypes of the east-asian mouse apodemus peninsulae over the whole range. based on our previous data for mice from altai, siberia, pribaikal'e, and mongolia and on the results of the present work, we infer that most of animals studied (196 out of 312, or 63%) have an individual variant of the b chromosome system. only three mice lacked b chromosomes. new data for 44 a. peninsulae mice caught in 2000-2005 in 16 localitie ...200819178085
[the mechanisms of formation and evolution of b chromosomes in korean field mice apodemus peninsulae (mammalia, rodentia)].several hypotheses concerning variations in the frequency of some elementary events determining the formation and reorganization of mammalian b chromosomes are proposed on the basis of the data on their number, morphology, and dna composition in korean field mice apodemus peninsulae (mammalia, rodentia) from natural populations of altai, buryatia, irkutsk oblast, and primorye. the mechanisms and causes responsible for the formation of b chromosomes and differences in their organization in popula ...200919507698
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