[isolation of influenza a/h5n1 virus strains from poultry and wild birds in west siberia during epizooty (july 2005) and their depositing to the state collection of viruses (august 8, 2005)].six strains of influenza ah5n1 virus were isolated, by using ps and mdck continuous cell lines from poultry and wild birds, which were collected on july 28, 2005 in the samples taken from 5 examines species of wild birds in the novosibirsk region during the epizootic outbreak with a high mortality. the strains were identified by means of hit, rt-pcr, and microchip-based techniques. two strains, a/grebe/novosibirsk/29/05 (h5n1) and a/duck/novosibirsk/56/05 (h5n1), were deposited to the russian st ...200616515035
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