[discrete phenotypical variability of electrophoretic specters of one of myogen systems in the acipenseridae family].analysis of electrophoregrams of water-soluble proteins of white skeletal muscle of 10 fish species belonging to three genera of the acipenseridae family has allowed revealing an earlier not described system that can serve as a biochemical marker. this protein system represents a set of five fractions (a, b, c, d, e). a part of the studied species is monomorphous for one of these fractions (sterlet, starred sturgeon, great sturgeon, and big shovelnose had phenotype a, barbel sturgeon--phenotype ...201020799609
[phylogenetic relationships of amur sturgeon acipenser schrenckii brandt, 1869 based on 18s rdna sequensing data].the analysis of phylogenetic relationships based on 18s rdna sequences of amur sturgeon acipenser schrenckii brandt, 1869 with other acipenseriform species was performed in this study. complete sequences (1746 b. p.) in seven individual clones of a. schrenckii 18s rrna were determined. mutation profile of amur sturgeon 18s rdna demonstrated high similarity with that of lake sturgeon a. fulvescens. both presumably functional sequence and the specific mutation (insertion of adenine after position ...200919435281
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