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tetractinomyxon stages genetically consistent with sphaerospora dicentrarchi (myxozoa: sphaerosporidae) found in capitella sp. (polychaeta: capitellidae) suggest potential role of marine polychaetes in parasite's life cycle.known life cycles of myxosporean parasites have two hosts, but very few life cycles have been disclosed, especially in the marine environment. sphaerospora dicentrarchi sitjà-bobadilla and álvarez-pellitero, 1992 is a systemic parasite from the european seabass, dicentrarchus labrax (linnaeus, 1758), a highly valuable commercial fish. it affects its health, leading to aquaculture production losses. during 2013 and 2014, an actinospore survey was conducted in a total of 5942 annelids collected fr ...201627041279
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