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[aythya fuligula--new host for retinometra pittalugai lopez-neyra, 1932 (cestoda, hymenolepididae) recorded in poland for the first time].during standard parasitological studies of the tufted duck aythya fuligula (linnaeus, 1758), obtained from fishermen from west pomerania, three cestode specimens were found in the jejunum of hosts. they were determined as retinometra pittalugai (lopez-neyra, 1932) on the basis of the cirrus's size, shape of stylet and rostellar hooks. this is the first record of this species in poland, since this parasite was earlier recorded only in anas platyrhynchos f. dom., aythya marila, a. ferina and bucep ...200819338226
morphometrical and ecological analysis of nematodes of the family capillariidae (neveu-lemaire, 1936) in wild ducks (anatinae) from the north-western poland.west pomerania is located on the migratory route of many species of birds. among them are many representatives of wild duck species (subfamily anatinae), which are often the primary hosts of many helminths due to the fact of living in two different environments: terrestrial and aquatic. however, until the end of the 90s, research conducted in poland on the helminth fauna of wild birds, including nematodes of the family capillariidae, did not include the north-western region of the country. these ...201324791347
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