lead and cadmium contamination of soil and vegetables in the upper silesia region of poland.studies of the lead and cadmium content of soils and vegetables from 126 allotments in 12 towns in a polluted region of poland are described. metal concentrations in parsley, celery, carrots and red beet were determined using aas. in most cases, metal concentrations in soils and vegetables exceeded accepted standards and concentrations found in rural regions. a total of 756 vegetable samples were studied and only 170 met the standard for lead and 17 for cadmium. the lowest lead content was found ...19902237396
cadmium in edible plants from silesia, poland, and its implications for health risk in populations.the health risk associated with cadmium exposure through consumption of edible plants cultivated in different parts of the silesia administration area inhabitants has been estimated. the impact of the arable soils acidity on the bcf (bioconcentration factor) has been also analyzed. the concentration of cadmium in arable soils and in 118 samples of vegetables - carrots, beets, potato, celery (tuber), parsley (root) were determined. the cadmium content in examined soil samples were in the range fr ...028376348
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