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five new species, one new genus, two synonymies, and new distributional records in cerambycidae (coleoptera).five new species, and one new genus of cerambycidae are described: drycothaea vulcanica sp. nov. (calliini), from ecuador (holotype male deposited in amnh: napo, 29.x.1988, j.s. miller leg.); perissomerus machadoi sp. nov. (neoibidionini), from paraguay (holotype male deposited in mzsp: alto paraguay, 30.xi.2002, di iorio leg.); cacostola carinata sp. nov. (onciderini), from brazil (holotype female deposited in mzsp: rio grande do norte, ix.2008, d.r.r. fernandes et al. leg.); ypomacena gen. nov ...201627395982
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