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study of antimicrobial resistance and physiological biomarkers with special reference to salmonellosis in diarrheic foals in punjab, pakistan.antimicrobial resistance results in selective colonization in animals. in the present study, 447 diarrheic foals (235 horse foals, 165 donkey foals and 47 mule foal) were selected from lahore and sahiwal districts of punjab, pakistan. fresh fecal and blood samples from diarrheic foals were collected for isolation and confirmation of salmonella polymerase chain reaction. results revealed that 50 (11.25%) foals (horse n=29, donkey n=12 and mule n=9) were positive. fifty salmonella enterica isolate ...201728784420
sero-epidemiology of equine toxoplasmosis using a latex agglutination test in the three metropolises of punjab, pakistan.toxoplasmosis is a serious threat for livestock in addition to being of zoonotic significance. in this study, serodiagnosis of equine toxoplasmosis was conducted in a randomly selected population from the 3 metropolises of punjab, pakistan. to this end, 272 draught equines were screened using a commercial latex agglutination assay kit. association of probable risk factors of equine toxoplasmosis was also documented. a total of 91 (33.5%) equines were found sero-positive for toxoplama (t.) gondii ...201526691256
seroprevalence of babesia caballi and theileria equi in five draught equine populated metropolises of punjab, pakistan.equine piroplasmosis (ep) caused by intraerythrocytic parasites (theileria equi and babesia caballi) is an emerging equine disease of world-wide distribution. in pakistan, the prevalence and incidence of ep are unknown. in order to obtain the first insights into the prevalence of the disease, a total of 430 equids, including 33 mules, 65 horses and 332 donkeys, aging from ≤ 5 to ≥ 10 years of either sex, from five metropolises of punjab, pakistan, were serologically tested for the presence of an ...201424582524
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