gastrointestinal nematodes of moose (alces alces) in relation to supplementary feeding.winter supplementary feeding of wildlife is controversial because it may promote parasite and disease transmission by host aggregation. we investigated the effect of winter supplemental feeding of scandinavian moose (alces alces) on gastrointestinal (gi) parasite infection in two counties of southern norway by comparing fecal egg counts of moose using, and not using, feeding stations between january 2007 and march 2010. we identified three different gi nematodes based on egg morphology. all thre ...201323307373
cerebrospinal nematodiasis in a moose in norway.a case of cerebrospinal nematodiasis in a young adult moose (alces alces) from telemark county, southeastern norway, is described. the moose was found by bird hunters during january, displaying signs of severe posterior paresis. it was killed and submitted for autopsy. the carcass was emaciated, and there were skin excoriations and subcutaneous edema over both metacarpi. histopathologic examination revealed traumatic malacia throughout the spinal cord and meningeal accumulations of mononuclear i ...200212528451
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