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toxic nephrosis in moose in norway.during the summers 1995/96, toxic nephrosis was diagnosed in nine free-living moose (alces alces) from aust-agder county in southern norway. histopathological kidney lesions included tubular degeneration and necrosis, tubular regeneration, and interstitial fibrosis. the disease was probably caused by ingestion of the toxic plants, bog asphodel (narthecium ossifragum) or oak (quercus spp.).199910073363
osteoporosis in the norwegian the last decade, an increased frequency of fractures among wild moose in the southernmost parts of norway has been reported. this study focuses on bone mass, mechanical strength, and metal levels in the metacarpal bone of moose hunted in aust-agder (aa) county in southern norway compared with control areas (ca) in more eastern and northern parts. metacarpal bone with soft tissue from 106 aa and 37 ca animals were excised after hunting. bone mineral density (bmd) was measured using dual-energy ...200111472893
anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in moose (alces alces) in norway.anaplasma phagocytophilum is a tick-borne bacterium that infects a wide range of animal species. the aim of our study was to investigate the prevalence of a. phagocytophilum in norwegian moose alces alces and to characterize the bacteria by sequencing of partial msp4 and 16s rrna genes. hunters collected spleen samples from 99 moose of different ages during 2013 and 2014 in two areas: aust-agder county (n = 70) where ixodes ricinus ticks are abundant and oppland county (n = 29) where ticks were ...201626428857
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