heavy metal concentration in periwinkle - tympanotomus fuscatus in iko river estuary, nigeria.heavy metals are intrinsic, natural constituents of our environment and are generally present in small amounts in natural aquatic environments. humans may be contaminated by organic and inorganic pollutants associated with aquatic systems by consumption of contaminated aquatic foods from the environment. relevant patents relating to heavy metal concentration in aquatic molluscs were reviewed. gastropods; a promising bio-indicator and bio-monitoring subject, abound in brackish ecosystems in the n ...201627659131
oil exploitation and its socioeconomic effects on the niger delta region of nigeria.the oil exploration and exploitation industry which is majorly centred in the niger delta region is without doubt currently the most important earner of foreign exchange to the nigerian economy. the niger delta is home to an extraordinary variety of people; mostly fishers and farmers with a history of rich cultural heritage. however, the region is suffering from devastating oil pollution. although the effects of oil spill depend on factors such as size or area of spill and geographical location, ...201627194013
a comparative study of knowledge and attitude of urban and rural dwellers towards vagrant sufferers of schizophrenia in delta state of nigeria.this study aimed at assessing comparatively knowledge of schizophrenia and attitudes towards vagrant sufferers in urban and rural areas of the state. the sample of 583 and 120 respondents from urban and rural areas were drawn using the multi-stage sampling technique. the administered structured questionnaire consisted of respondents' socio-demographies, knowledge of schizophrenia, and attitude towards vagrant sufferers of schizophrenia. data generated were statistically analyzed using the spss v ...201021413587
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