arthropod parasites of hartmann's mountain zebra, equus zebra hartmannae, in south west africa/namibia.twelve hartmann's mountain zebra, equus zebra hartmannae, were shot for arthropod parasite recovery during the period june 1980-june 1981 on a farm in the khomas hochland region of south west africa/namibia. four species of gasterophilus larvae, 1 species of rhinoestrus larvae and 3 ixodid tick species were recovered. the seasonal prevalence of the gasterophilus species larvae and of rhipicephalus evertsi mimeticus was determined. three horses examined on the same farm were infested with larvae ...19846533510
evidence of african horse sickness virus infection of equus zebra hartmannae in the south-western khomas region, namibia.equine mortalities suspected to be due to african horse sickness (ahs) were reported from the arid khomas region, namibia, in 2008. the area was previously considered a localized ahs-free area. hartmann's mountain zebra (equus zebra hartmannae), a potential but unconfirmed reservoir host of african horse sickness virus (ahsv), occurs in the region. between 2009 and 2010 serum, blood and tissue samples from 31 culled e. z. hartmannae were analysed by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reactio ...201728406577
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